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Why Play Fiddle?


Because it's the greatest thing in the world to do! I have been performing and sharing traditional fiddle throughout the Finger Lakes, Central and Western New York for many years, performing in the novelty old-time bands Spudz 'n Taggit and Miller's Wheel, Celtic and old-style blues with The Wastrels, and traditional Appalachian/Adirondack music as the duo Unholy Alliance.  Recently I have joined an English Country Dance and Contra Dance band called Dames' Rocket.  I have also performed Erie Canal Bicentennial programs with the Dady Brothers, and many events with other well-known regional traditional musicians.

Share the Excitement of Trad Music!


Traditional music, whether Celtic, Old-Time, Bluegrass, Quebecois, Americana, or other style brings a unique flavor that will attract and build a loyal and growing customer base for your winery, brewery, bar, restaurant, festival or fund-raiser,  If you are looking for a single performer for a health care facility or a duo or a group for a larger event, contact me about your needs and I will help you design your program. 

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I am currently booking for 2020.  Please contact me for details.

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Kit Fallon - Fiddler and Performer


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